Norsk Kornølfestival 2018

October 05th & 06th Hornindal, WestNorway

Would you like to experience the tradition of Norwegian Farmhouse Ales in a stunning setting?  Then you want to go to the Norsk Kornølfestival!!
If you’re interested in learning more about Kveik and traditional Norwegian brewing you will need 3 things:

1. Transportation

2. Lodging

3: Tickets

  1. Flight

  • The biggest airport is in Ålesund (AES)Flights are on Norwegian Air or SAS via Oslo.We recommend the Norwegian Air flight from Oslo that lands at 16:05 on Thursday (04-oct) or Friday (05-oct).It is from 711 NOK (90 USD) ( 73 EUR )
    Wizzair and KLM is also landing in Ålesund.
    (RETURNING SUNDAY (07-oct) OR MONDAY(08-oct) at 16:00 or later )

    2: Shuttel 

    • We have arranged transportation to Hornindal on Thursday (04-oct) and Friday (05-oct). Please arrive no later than 16:20.The price is 250 NOK per person. (31 USD) ( you can buy shuttel from Ålesund (AES) and back to at : SUNDAY (07-oct) OR MONDAY(08-oct) at 16:00 or later )

    Look for a man in the terminal holding a sign that says “Norsk Kornølfestival”

3: Lodging 

  • Tent? Hotel? Airbnb?Buy hotel from us.  ( Hotel Weekend or Hotel WEEKEND VIP*)
    Hotel is 2000 NOK ( 250 USD / 211 EUR ) for 2 persons from friday to sunday or  VIP price*.
    Camping/cabinsThere is plenty of green grass and Trolls ;-)There are 5-6 rooms available for rent, first come first served.
  • PM the Facebook page for inquiries.

    The price is 800 NOK/ night. ( 99 USD / 82 EUR )





Festival :
– Taste over 30 different beer made of local traditional Norwegian brewers. You give them points in their compete of best traditional beer contest.
– Around 15 national breweries using traditional elements in their beer, like kveik, juniper and others.
– see brewing beer mashing baked in oven (Keptinis), with brewers from Litauen.
– Brewing on friday and oppskåke on saturday. brewing in 12 hours with kveik.

The fjords
– more than a pretty façade.
Pictures of Fjord Norway reveal stunning scenery with deep blue fjords, flowing waterfalls, and sharp, snow-capped mountains that tower high above the water.
Here, the seals and eagles reign, and the whales and fish patrol the deep fjords.

Ålesund Area:
– Atlanterhavsparken, Ålesund Aquarium –



Geiranger Area:
Geiranger –

Stryn Area:
– Loen Sky lift –
– Loen vatnet –
Briksdal Glacier –

Sunnmøre Area:
– Hiking in mountains in daytime before festival time. Take with good shoes.
Fishing in Norway’s famous fjord area happens to be one of the best places in the country to go fishing.
Cycling with a view. Discover the magnificent fjords of Norway from your saddle.
View The Atlantic Road, it is beautiful and dramatic.
Visit the New Vikings. The Vikings are warriors of legend. Row a viking boat at Bjørkedal

*VIP ( max 40 persons in 2018 )
We starts on thursday and taste some of the local homebrewed beer and play som accordian and sing, and you can meet the STAFF of Norsk Kornølfestival 2018.
On sunday we drive to an old stove with fire inside, brewing beer in the OLD fasion way.
You can learn, taste, see, taking pictures and talk to the old profesionale brewers.
We drive to one of the new breweris in Ålesund Area and taste the beer, before we go to Airport from 16 clock.

The VIP tickets is only aviable for 30 persons, and the price is for
2 persons: Shuttle thursday from AES to hotel, hotel accomodation from thursday to monday ( Double room), breakfast at hotel every day, breewing in stove at sunday and visit brewery at monday.
PRICE VIP (2 persons) : 5.700 NOK / 705 USD / 585 EUR

At friday and saturday you can taste local beer FOR FREE, from home made craftebeer brewers when they compete for the Norwegian challange craftbeer competition.

Martyn Cornell delivered a beautiful and enthusiastic translation of Norwegian traditional breewing ♥

Welcome back in 2018.